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Testicular Teratoma

This 19 year old male had noticed a swelling in his left testicle at least two years prior to the recent surgical procedure of left radical orchiectomy. At the time of operation an 8 cm firm tumor mass was found and upon incision of the testicular mass a large amount of pus-like material exuded from the mass. Grossly the testicular mass was diffusely necrotic with cystic spaces. Microscopically in addition to the necrotic areas there were spindle areas of tumor along with benign intestinal-type glands. Many of these spindle cells demonstrated cross striations. These areas were diagnostic of rhabdomyosarcoma.

This is an example of a testicular teratoma with secondary somatic-type mailignant component of a rhabdomyosarcoma. The tumor was confined to the testicle. The spermatic cord was negative for neoplasm. No lymph-vascular invasion was identified.